This game is all hype and no deliver

User Rating: 5 | Too Human X360
this game sucks there is no beating around it and with all the hype this game has been recieveing it should have been alot better which goes to show you that some reviewers and pre veiwers are paid to keep their mouths shut, cause i doubt that at any point while this game was being made that it was any good, sure it looks great but it has one of the worst control schemes i've ever used and i think they tried it in the jet li game a few years back.... it didn't work then so it's not going to magically work now. and to the makers of the game you spent way too much time on making the game looks pretty which is definatly does, but that does mot make for a good game or a memorable experience.... atleast not a good one, you can't fool me with a pretty smoke screen with no substance and call it s gameit might work on people who don't know any better but this game is pure trash.... try agin friends, try again.