A Terrible Game

User Rating: 2 | Too Human X360

Where do I begin with Too Human, well for starters it is without a doubt one of the worst known games in recent memory. I cant believe that a developer could make a game that's this bad. First off the gameplay is very broken, the camera is a big mess, the fighting system is on the verge of horrible, and there's no block ability, that wouldn't be a problem if the game wasn't so difficult, I died so many times because of this, not to mention every time you die there is a long cut-scene where a goddess comes down from the sky and takes her good old time to pick you up and ascend to Valhalla, now this wouldn't be so bad if you weren't dying all the time, but trust me you'll be dying quit often in this game. Now there are a few moments here and there where the game is fun, but they don't last very long, most of my time spent with the game was being completely miserable. To be honest I would not recommend this game to anyone, unless you can handle the aggravation and annoyance that it causes, or unless your a veteran from the days where every game was a challenge to beat, but not even those games where unfair, nor did they have all of the problems that cloud this game. Overall Too Human is a very big mess that more than warrants a Too out of 10 rating... Zeus would be severely disappointed.