For a Multiplayer Action RPG this game is so under rated, and its only $3.00 used and $5.00 new at Gamestop. Great grab!

User Rating: 10 | Too Human X360
Until Bethesda gets Elder Scrolls V right with a proper a multiplayer setting I say Too Human is a big win with an awesome story with classic heros and villains such as Thor, Loki and Hel. What really stood out to me was the music for this game the only word to describe it is "epic". But defiantly what makes this game so re playable is its multiplayer and the fact that made sharing loot so easy and stress free makes it fun to play with people you may not even know on Xbox Live. Also the Leveling system is fast and fun so starting out isnt so bad. On the other hand this game may not have the best visual cinematic effects in its cut scenes since it was made 4 or more years ago, but still enjoyable. Its was originally suppose to be a trilogy but Silicon Knights apparently went bankrupt making this game. So If your into Celtic stuff or Vikings, customizing a character class, dungeon crawlers, killing a lot of **** and ranking up with a friend then you should get this game cause for 5 bucks your seriously missing out! Thanks for reading and i will see you in Valhalla my friends, Barz out.