Tony Hawk's Underground is a revolutionary skateboarding game.

User Rating: 8.9 | Tony Hawk's Underground GC
Tony Hawk's Underground is the fifth game in Tony Hawk's skateboarding video game series. This is the first game to branch away from the 'Pro Skater' that used to follow Tony's name in the title.

Anyway, this game is all about you creating a skater and trying to get him signed as a professional. You start out in New Jersey, and travel the globe, wind up in places tha are just waiting for you to tear up the streets with your board. You go to Hawaii, Vancouver, Tampa, San Diego, and even Manhattan.

You have a friend who comes along for the ride, hoping to get sponsored also. Eventually, you beat your friend in a competition and he becomes jealous. So then your friend becomes your enemy.

The game is measured in chapters, and each chapter has its own number of goals. You go through each different city, and complete different goals. After so many goals completed, you can move on to the next chapter. Eventually, you get to enter tournaments, and try to become a sponsored skater.