My Favorite Tony Hawk Game, Loads of Action, Exploring, Characters, and Fun!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 GC
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is a direct sequel to Tony Hawk's Underground, the game focuses on the World Destruction Tour with Team Tony vs Team Bam. The main character is your created skater. Throughout the game you cause loads of havoc throughout of games levels, you can spray graffiti, destroy a statue, break windows, release of bull from its cage in Barcelona and raises Hell throughout the town, and there is much more Hell to raise throughtout the game. The game is also very hilarious with its immature sense of humor which is the kind of humor I like. Now in each level there is a Pro Skater that can help you in the level as well as an unusual character. Some characters include Ben Franklin, Bullfighter, Graffiti Tagger, Shrimp Vendor, Jesse James, and even Bigfoot (there are loads more as well). One of the unique characters is Shrek, this game was released around the time of Shrek 2 and I believe Activision has video game rights to the Shrek franchise. Another is a Call of Duty Soldier, from the COD series of course. Now since I have this for GameCube there isn't any online multiplayer but that doesnt bother me. The game has LOADS of replay value and I would go through the story mode on every difficulty, I have yet to comple the story on 100% but I haven't played the game in awhile, so I might just use an Action Replay to unlock the remaining stuff. I remember after school in 6th grade the main thing on my mind would be "I can't wait to get home and play Tony Hawk's Underground 2". Also one more thing, like every Tony Hawk game it has some great soundtrack that is worth listening too. Now since this game is 7 years old I bet you can track it down used for a cheap price and if you are a skaterboarder or just a skateboarding fan like I am or like open world games I recommend picking up this awesome game and have a great time.
Overall: 9.5/10