I Don't like skating but this game is AWESOME

User Rating: 9.5 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 PS2
This is my second favourite game of all time I have played it so much there may be a few people saying it's unrealistic but that is what makes this game one of the best games ever it has amazing characters, amazing soundtracks, amazing maps you can even make your own maps read my review further to found out more

Story: The story is so simple but fantastic Tony Hawk and Bam are hosting a around the world skating destruction tour where you play as the rookie and several other funny or famous characters you travel around several great maps like Skatopia, Boston, New Orleans and more there is so much free roam or free skate as the game calls it to do

Free Roam (Free Skate): There are several free skate to do in the story and your own games you can create your own maps it's awesome because you can send bulls lose around spain, raise the dead in new orleans and shoot cannons around Boston and even more it's awesome there is to much to say

Gameplay: The gameplay on this game is so smooth the tricks pull of nice and easy (Unless their hard tricks) controls are basically arrows or analog what ever is easier for you in my case analog and you perform more than I'd say more than 200 tricks in total including Mctwist, Nosegrab and Rocket Air

Characters: There are so may characters on this game first you have your own custom character then you have the pros like Chad Muska, Tony Hawk, Mike Valley and several more then you have lots of random funny characters such as Bigfoot, Shrek, Ben Franklin and lots more

Other: There is classic mode which isn't my thing but I still did it to unlock characters there is make your own graffiti, maps and skater modes so basically create mode online play which I haven't tried because my PS2 dosen't work online but that would be awesome

Overall I gave this game a 9.5 but i would give it a 9.8 because the only thing wrong with it is Classic mode isn't the best to the end Thanks For Reading check out my other reviews and like this if you enjoyed it