A great game for all ages

User Rating: 9 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix PSP
This is my third review of a Tony hawk game 2nd on the psp the first was project 8 second was American sk8land . This a remake or as they call it remix from Tony hawk underground 2 with the same features with 4 extra levels. The game delivers either Tony hawk or bam margarita pick you along the way you fight to get more points on the city the game is one of the last Tony hawk games to be arcade styled just second to American wasteland. Creating goals are very fun with making the character,tricks and a board graphic. The game has classic mode so even you didn't pass a level in story mode you can still get in free play. Unlike project 8 this has a limit in cheats so everything should be unlocked fairly and not on the cheating way. Overall the game is good controls are fine and it's just a blast to play. This is miguelabuel from gamespot signing of and recommending this game. For more reviews check out my profile