An amazing Tony Hawk game!!

User Rating: 9 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 PS2
A very good Tony Hawk game!! The Story Mode is a little short but then there's Classic Mode that does the game a little better. There's over 60 secret skaters in this game that you get by completing Story Mode, Classic Mode or getting all the gaps. Pretty amazing!! You can create your own skater, skatepark, grafitti graphic, goals and your own tricks!! The Create-A-Skater is good and there is a lot of clothes that you can have but you can't create your own board. Instead, you have to choose between 25 boards and they aren't so great. The park editor is full of pieces and with the gap tool, rail tool and the Create-A-Goal you can create your own dream park.

The graphics in this game could be better like the first underground game, but the gameplay is pretty good. The bad part is the music. The soundtrack is not very good. There's a few good songs in the game but some are just so bad that you wanna turn them off. Amazing game!!