Quite possibly the last really memorable Tony Hawk games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 PS2
I love the Tony Hawk games. I love skateboarding. It's these things that ultimately compelled me to buy Tony Hawk's Underground 2.

Taking off where THUG left, you play as your custom created avatar. Customization options are amazing, allowing extra accessories and more options for your character. There are more tricks (some which cross the line of reality), and more levels to play though. There is also an interesting tagging animation that allows you to get creative, and is also the center of a few goals, but its not too important.

The story: A new pro skater, you must go through a competition sanctioned by Tony Hawk and Bam Margera, in an effort to create the most mayhem in the first annual world destruction tour. The story is alright, but is more reliant on comedy and Jackass style antics. There is more freedom in your goals, returning to the THPS3 style of listed goals that are available the entire level.

THUG2 allows you the chance to drive a variety of interesting, hazardous, vehiclesthat seem to have been assembled with large amounts of duct-tape. (an improvement on the terrible car physics of THUG1). You can also control various pro skaters and Jackasses as you progress through your game, complete with their own objectives.

THUG2 also contains exceptional online, as well as a classic mode for those who have finished the main story. Classic mode returns you to timed objectives, giving you two minutes to complete them without a story of any sort. Online play introduces some new modes, but nothing too mention worthy.

In all, I have beaten this game in the hardest difficulty 100% and still find it enjoyable. You should probably pick this up, its pretty much the last non convoluted Tony Hawk game, and as such is pretty good.