Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is an awesome game, made with a lot of passion and dedication.

User Rating: 8 | Tony Hawk's Underground 2 XBOX
I really love Tony Hawk's Underground 2, I think it is one of the best games in terms of fun, thrills and replay value. Okay first off I would like to say that Tony Hawk's Underground 2 was and still is a lot of fun, and to be honest with you, it happens to be one of my most beloved childhood memories. I remember it like it was yesterday (screen fades to white), me, my bro's and are controllers playing this game on a PS2, we would sit there for hours having a blast racking up points by, doing grind combos, skating back and forth between a half-pipe and playing through the main story (witch to this day is still a great and funny time) as well playing horse in are own created skate parks. Overall an awesome game very well done by its developer, and one of my most cherished childhood experiences.