Same like all games... so easy to make great combos... not enough pop!

User Rating: 8.5 | Tony Hawk's Proving Ground DS
This game is really great has good graphics and tricks...

Good things about Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (THPG): the tricks, just right for controls and difficulty,
great sound track,
Very fun if you like that stuff,
Pretty good unlockables

Bad things for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: First of all the graphics they are too "pixelated" as some of you might say,
Little bit of WiFi and download play if you like that stuffz,
and most of all the wors thing is that mostly all the games are the same

Maybe you like that stuff but maybe you dont, but this is in my perspective... you could say it was a 9 or a 9.5 but I think that is too much...
I also liked how the pro skaters actully looked like themselves but pixelated!
Using the touch screen and the use of the mic for when you bail or crash!
I also loved the stuff in the skate lounge!
Thanks for readin'.