pretty cool game but can sometimes get old if youve had any of his previous games on any system.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tony Hawk's Proving Ground DS
Tony hawks proving ground starts with making a player then going out and doing goals. Along the way you get cash and buy new clothes new skatepark ramps and cheats. You also meet pro skaters and do what they call a hardcore goal when you beat that you get about an average of 30 sec long video of that pro. This game is fun by yourself or on wifi. But on the other hand the ds download play the other person or people have to have the game so that takes away a little of the fun. But like i said if you have owned this type game on any platform its basically the same first yur a rookie then u get popular then your a pro yay haha and i beat the whole entire game in about 3 hours so its really not all that difficult. I would recomend this to a younger crowd because of its difficulty but its pretty fun overall thanks for looking. give me a thumbs up ! im bored