thps3 dlc

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So... anyone know if it's going to be mechanics from the PS1 thps 3 or the PS2 thps3? I don't see how the mechanics are going to work in the thps 3 dlc because thps 3 on the ps2 was a bit faster and you had many more special slots. I hope they keep the mechanics true to thps 3 PS2, because having the PS1 mechanics would be heavily disapointing.

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From what I've heard, it's very likely that the PS2 mechanics will be in there because they have no choice and add in the factor that the PS2 version of THPS3 is the best selling out of all of the versions of the title.

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I wonder if they will cap the multi to 251 again just like thps3 was... I hope so because then it makes it harder to score past 100 mil (you need to be good at raising your base). Man I wish pro players from back in the day still existed =/... they know what I'm talking about.