I'm loving this game

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I saw a lot of negativity on this board and felt I had to balance it out. I just beat all of the goals and gathered all the cash in the game and unlocked projectives. This game is amazingly fun. I can't believe that some reviewer complained about the graphics. They look fantastic and it's great to see some of the classic levels remade. To insist that somebody buy Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X instead of this is ridiculous. Not only are the graphics better on this game, but also you have online multiplayer and leaderboards to mess with. The skaters are also a great mix of old and new. Not only do you have the classic standouts in Rodney Mullen and Andrew Renolds, but you also have new age skaters such as Nyjah Houston and Lin-z Adams Hawkins who should both be instantly recognizable to fans of skating.

I have noticed some of the bugs. I've gotten stuck somehow at the bottom of the hangar halfpipe and trapped under the mall elevators. However, these clipping issues were few enough to not really be a problem when completing the game. In beating the game none of these bugs repeated themselves and there was only about 3 that I experienced.

My only other complaint is that I want more. The new Hawkman mode is great, so are the more difficult projective challenges.

At 23 years old, I played the very first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and I've bought every game since. Even the horrendous Ride and Shred games. I have since put trucks on the Ride board and taken it to the skatepark (the best use of the plastic board in my opinion). At any rate, this game has some minor bugs but it has renewed my faith in the series and in Robomoto. My only hope is that when they finally get around to making another boxed Tony Hawk game that it is inspired by this remake.

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You would be so stupid to buy this game. It was great on it's original merits, but today there is not a player in the world justifying a remake of not only an out dated game, but a game that was destined for a system other than the Xbox-360. I don't want to get into all the reasons Xbox-360 is garbage, but there are good reasons.
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At $15 this game is  great, plus I am hoping for DLC.