As a fan of the original, this game is terrible

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I didnt read one review or watch one video about this game, i simply purchased it and played it. when i was younger, i tried to skip school when THPS2 came out because i loved it so much. needless to say i still had to go to school...

the point is, this game is pretty horrible. ugly, sluggish, and the controls are somehow... TOO spot on. too fast. its like they took one of the newer games engines and downgrade. makes me sad inside...

anyways, if you are thinking of buying this game because you liked the old games, DONT. if you want to re learn how to play it, check this out.

overall, its an OK port, but just not really... i dunno... its just off a bit. not the worst game ever, but it almost makes me want to go play SKATE instead, which is a good series as well... but sad... still

anyways, thats all i wanted to say. i dont post much, so pardon me if this is nonsense.


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I completely agree with you. The game does not feel the same and it is not worth the 1200 ms points.

I wish the game had a better trial because 2 mintues wasnt enough to test the game; actaully the trial was not even 2 minutes, it was a minute and a half!!!

This game needs polishing badly.

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The overall visuals seem rather dark... maybe its just that level. And yeah, two minutes is ridiculous.

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just becuase becuase ts not some violent game were u blow up enemys dusnt meeen its not good. i agree with u that u have to do tricks quickly but its never been easier to them 

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Unfortunately I'm a PS3 owner, so I haven't gotten to play it yet, but I've been hearing nothing but bad things.  Very disappointing.  I owned every game in the series (except that one that came with the board peripheral).  Bought them all on day one.  It was my favorite video game series of all time, but I did get kind of jaded after THUG 2.  Then EA's Skate came along, which was awesome, and I played all of those.  But I always wished they'd make one more really good Tony Hawk.  I was hoping this would be it.  I guess I could get the original versions and play them on my PS3, but that would just be kinda lame.

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@lord- basically what you wrote describes me as well. loved and owned them all, played SKATE and loved that for different reasons but always wished they would do something like this. and @race- i never said a word about blowing stuff up. also, i dont know why anyone even WOULD make that point seeing as this is a skateboarding game. obviously none of those things would be happening? Overall, ive had this game for a few days now and ive played it a few times, every time is frustrating. probably the first time in history ive been a little bitter about an arcade game purchase. humbug. haha
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I have to agree with almost all the points made. THPS was the best series ever but after THPS 4 it started its downhill slide. I hope they intend a few patches to clean up the glitches and it will be ok but so much is missing still. The most notable to me was music, there are about 10 tracks and I keep getting 3 of them over and over. I thought they were bringing back the old music, I guess they did but mostly the ones that were forgetable. I still like it but, its just not the same. Going to bust out the PSX now and play it the right way.