Awesome Game.

User Rating: 8 | Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x XBOX
I don't really know why, but the X Box version put both the first on and the second one on one game. I love that idea. Anyways this is an okay Tony Hawk game. It offers way more things to do than the first one. I totally love the sound track and everything else about it except the ugly graphics. They just really make me mad sometimes, every body gets mad. Anyways, I like this game because after you beat it, you can play the first one which is way cool. You can create your own characters, and see what it's like on the levels in upgraded graphics from the Nintendo 64. Overall, I was very impressd with almost everything in this game. The controls handled perfectly wich is a way big plus more me. I just also love how these games get some addicting over the years. Anyways if your looking to add a Tony Hawk to your collection, I would reccamend this game to anybody for the out standing gameplay that you will approach. Thanks activision for making a solid game that will keep us entertained until Tony Hawk Three. 8.0/10