A very good remake, but still needs more.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x XBOX
Usually special edition games only have a few bonuses, or extras, but THPS2x wasn't really a spacial edition, more of a remake.

Neversoft and Treyarch were very generous by putting both THPS1 and THPS2 in this game, but seriously, who hasn't played those games?
And the new career mode has only 5 levels and 25 goals, and the levels are pint sized. What is up with that?!

The graphics are definetely smoother but it's hard to tell the difference of Playstation graphics and this. This is Xbox. Xbox is supposed ot have great graphics! The character models look nearly the same, and the levels should have been way more detailed for an Xbox game. Some things yuo can notice have changed. For example, what looked like a hippie van in PS1's Skatestreet level, has been made more clear so you can now tell it's a van covered in skateboard stickers, not paint/graffiti.

The sound is still awesome, the SFX, and whatever the civillians yell at you, but the awesome soundtrack should have THPS1's soundtrack, THPS2's and new songs. Instead your left with THPS2's 15 track soundtrack, which really isn't bad because most of the songs on it were great, but THPS1 had some really great songs too.

This game still controls very smooth, but pulling off special moves strangely seems harder. Maybe because the Xbox's D-Pad kind of sucks, and I usually only use the D-Pad for special tricks.

What truley made me love this game was the fact that it had so many levels. At first I thought it was just THPS2 and a few more levels, but I found out about 5 extra levels, all of THPS2's bonus levels, and all of THPS1's level which means this game has great replay value!

Considering this game has a used retail price of two dollars and ninety-nine cents, I really couldn't recommend it more as a good starter game for newcomers to the Xbox and diehard Tony Hawk fans. You won't find much new, but what's already there is pretty impressive on its own merits.