Very very good Tony Hawks Game.. Not the best i've ever played but the funniest!! BMX was a goodthing Neversoft!!

User Rating: 9.2 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland PS2
So... I'm here to write a review of Tony Hawks American Wasteland.
I thought it was a very very good game. With a good gameplay, good musics, and good characters.
The funniest game I've ever played!!
I liked the BMX thing they've put in the game... I liked the gameplay of riding BMX it seems it's hard to ride it in real life, and that makes game realystic. Just one thing I didn't like on riding BMX is that you can go longer.... You can go higher, but no longer on quarter pipes... Doing transfers gaps are really really disgusting with BMX... with your board, you'll do it in 2 seconds.
Levels aren't so difficult to make it, after you get some practice and realize what you really have to do!!
Graphics are good and I liked that thing of the Tatoos... You can put Tatoos in your character, ajust size and place of it. You can put logos in your shirt and even Create Your Own Graphic!! That's Really really good, because you can tag the whole city!! (laughs)
Another thing I liked was the walking mode... That's good, because first, if you got off of the Quarter Pipe you crashed of floor!! now, if you saw that your off of it, just pull L1 and R1 and you'll fall on your foot. Put if you can't do that and strike out the pins on the floor, you can hit Triangle many times and then freakout... like getting mad and freaking out worths poisnt and you can do that if you're in a mission thats almost over and you fall and you don't have points enough, then you Freak Out and then quickly pull out on a Manual, doing flatground tricks and getting those points!!
I liked the thing about Sponsor Challenges too... before earning stats was just finding them and that was annoying because it was so easy to get your character good. In this game you have to do those sponsor challenges and you'll get it... oh, and another thigs... it's not just do it over and over... they finish in one store and you'll have to wait till the other day to do it again or go to other city... but for that you have the bus or you can sleep in a marked point of the cities.
Well this game is quite good and it has classic mode too... then stats are just finding them and mission are pre listed. On classic mode you have only 2 minutes to do those missions, but if you really want to do it, in 2 hours you'll get it.
One thing i didn't like so much is that difficult you choose it's not very important. On easy mode and Sick mode, story mode is almost the same thing... just some of the missions change..
But thats it... I really really liked it and i recommend for all those guys who love skating, riding BMX or just playing video-games!!!