THAW is very addictive and a good addition to the Tony Hawk's series

User Rating: 7.5 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland PC
Tony Hawk. Whenever the name springs to mind, one thinks of insane 900's and massive vert ramps.

Since the creation of this highly addictive series, Neversoft has been steadily adding new content to the franchise.

This time around, Neversoft has been quite adventurous and added BMX's to the game in order to attract a wider audience to the game. They have also bulked up on the story this time. Whereas THUG 2 was very much a tongue in cheek Jackass inspired skateboarding trip around the world, THAW tells the story of a skater (you) coming to Los Angeles to seek his fortune and lands up befriending a range of weird and humorous characters and helps them with their plan to create the ultimate skate park. The story is definitely more structured than THUG 2, but, is still humorous none the less.

The gameplay is pretty much unchanged from previous games, but, adds a few things such as the Bert Slide. The one notable addition is the absence of loading times between levels, albeit, you will be riding through enclosed corridors which will load the next part of Los Angeles on the fly as you travel there which can result in frame rate hiccups.
The graphics in THAW are quite subpar for PC, but, it is a console port. It would have been nice if Neversoft had tweaked the graphics for the PC.

In closing, THAW is a good addition to the Tony Hawk's series which adds a lot of new content, but, is graphically substandard. Despite these gripes, it is still as highly addictive as ever.