fun game, bad graphics, ok storyline.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland XBOX
this game is pretty bad but is just plain fun it is as you see the best in the tony hawk series.

the graphics are one of the BAD things about this game, the people have some glitches to be fixed,

the storyline is fun and cool but doesn't past the GOOD rating.....sadly. in this storyline there are extra missions which are fun to play when you are bored. plus you get to meet friends in the game it is pretty cool.

the music is great it has some soundtracks to listen to while you ride and chill with the streets!
it has lots... and i mean a lot of music, there is about 200 songs or something.

when you play this game you may notice some glitches but besides that it is pretty dang good.
there is also some shops where you can get better looks, tattoos and even clothes and haircuts.
there is also some rest stops where you can sleep to make it from day to night and night to day.

so to be exact this game is very fun and is worth buying in the only thing that brings its score down is the graphics. but besides that this game is the best skating game EVER!!!!!

multiplayer is very fun you can play different game types like ctf (capture the flag) and firefight and free play.

create-a-modes. this option is very useful you can customise characters and you can make a skatepark and you can also create a trick.

cheats are for the people that can't play the game. some are very useful for certain bits of the game.

overall this game is pretty hard to find on xbox so when ever you see it get it cause you are gonna like it if you like skating games.

oh....and one thing this game is, wait for it..................RPG!!!!!!!!!!!!