Some say that after tony hawk's pro skater 4 tony hawk's games where bad but this one makes a diference.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland PC
I first played this game and most of my tony hawk's games on ps2 and i didn't really like it.But then i played it on the pc and i found it great not very good graphics nice gameplay very nice tricks some of them impossible but anyways they where funny.The best parts of the game was the "make-a-trick" and the online play.Free skate is missing but this isn't bad cause you can free skate while in the story mode.The storyline wasn't something special it was like most of tony hawk's games story where you are a skater and you move to a town for a chalenge or something else and you start learning tricks making friend etc...The online mode is very nice and i like that you can free skate with others or do a trick attack and more.I think that that tony hawk's american wasteland one of the best tony hawk games.I want to buy tony hawk's shred but i don't think that they will bring it here in greece :(.Anyways this is one of the best tony hawk's games i ever played.