THAW is a great game with minor issues for lower gen consoles.

User Rating: 6.5 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland PS2
Tony Hawks American wasteland is a great game for begginers starting to become gamers. There are things that can set YOU aside from the PRO such as difficulty changes, many cheat codes and the will to skate.

The main story is that you are a smalltown misfit from the heartland of america with one dream, becoming a pro skater. You leave your life from you old man to runaway to Hollywood,California. You get off the bus to be mugged by two punk-locals who dont like tourist and they take your stuff. A well hardend girl named Mindy helps you get some clothes, a new hair cut and some street creds to fit in. She introduces you to her, AM skater that almost when pro, freind Xan. He teaches you how to manual and later asks you to kickflip a "tool" movie star/bigshot D***e bag. You now face one of the punks who stole your stuff to a compitetion and you have to beat the stuff out of him.
Mindy then shows you her project"American Wastelan" a skate park she wishes to build. She tells you about a place outside of beverly hills called the skate ranch. Im not going to spoil the rest for game-pride.

Anyways, for its time the online is good, after you beat the game 100% it get extremly boring and you question your self "Wow, all this time beating this I could have got money to buy a Xbox 360 ar PS3!". but the game still wont stop surprising me on how much the tony hawk seires REALLY changed my childhood.

--- Drake