Got this for $20 on ebay, worth that but not much more!

User Rating: 4.5 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
I got this off ebay for $20 used with the game and the board. I wasnt about to spend too much on it and figured for a cheap price why not try it eh?

The controls are definitely busted on it. There are times where ir will not register what you are trying to do, which is debatable as there are times where it works perfectly. YES learning the controls is needed but that doesnt mean they register right everytime.

The WORST part of the game are the challenges, they want you to do certain tricks off certain items. There are many many times where it simply will not register the trick you are trying to do regardless of how many times you have practiced the specific trick. Therefore getting the challenge points to move on to the next section took me numerous tries. I spent often 20 minutes on one challenge but unable to get it. I founf invert and certain flick tricks to basically never work.

I see the idea of the game and applaude them for creating this board, but I think if it registered better then this would have a much more enjoyable game. I did read that Tony hawk was working on making a snowboarding and a surfing game that would use this board. I will keep the board instead of pawning it off JUST IN CASE it is needed for the next edition of Ride or the other games i just mentioned.

This game is worth it for the experience of the board edition for the $20 I paid but the game is stripped down, there arent too many levels, it was enjoyable at times for what it was, but there were too many frustrating moments of it not registering that i could not recommend this to anyone.