while, its not the best tony hawk game,and there better ones out there, it can be some decent fun when you learn it.

User Rating: 7 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
The good:can be some great fun for you and the kids.decent graphics.skate board can stand 300 lb.

The bad: skate board will feel unresponsive sometimes. Hard to turn in modes under casual. Alot has been stripped down.tons of clipping issues.

this isnt the first tony hawk game ive played. in fact im a huge fan of tony hawk. Ive owned alot of his games, played em a dozen of times, and even own some of his clothing lines, and marketed skateboards.

when hearing about ride, i was quite excited, unfortunetly, im a bit dissapointed.and as an experienced 12 year old gamer (yeah thats right a very lucky one.)i know a good and bad points of a gamthe controller it self is durable, and looks awesome. the tutoriol explains most of the stuff you need to know. But its hard, not because of the learning curve, but because of the responsiveness. i once kicked my feet 4 times in front of the sensor and my character just stood there killing time, which your always timed unless your in free skate which isnt as big as it was in the other tony hawks

graphics are great, it has some detailed areas, and great lightning effects, but dragged down to decent, because of many clipping issues

sound, though is great, with lots of great sound effects and songs.

now your wondering about the story like proving grounds story . but the story you get here isnt very interesting, you just go in this mode called road trip, and do challenges, speed races, and tricks scores, and that all to it.

as you can see, its not bad but alot of it is stripped down, though if your willing to through down 120 bucks for your kids, do it, but if not, you could wait until the price drops. but ethier way, youll have some great fun with ride.