Broken, incomplete game not even worth 50 bucks.

User Rating: 2 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
ive gotten games before and been disappointed, but... but, but theres just no way to describe HOW bad a game could possibly get. ive played this for a month and not even once have i nailed two tricks in a row. this is the biggest FAIL ever from activision and i hope this wont happen to the guitar hero series (introducing another new peripheral and it AND the game fall flat.) please if they even do make another tony hawk game they should go back to a game like project 8. that was the last good game from this franchise and i dont think there will be any more like thp8. the board will not respond to most inputs you make and if it even does respond it will most likely make something completely different happen. the areas you have to skate in are very,very small and are very bland. you should not believe the hype the game got before it came out, it is incomplete, and not even worth the bargain bin.