Aww Come on, I LOVE this game! The music is good, and special moves are neat. (flying with a bowtie? sweet.)

User Rating: 9 | Tonic Trouble N64
First things first: This is a WEIRD game. You are Ed, a weird purple spaceship janitor guy with detatched limbs (kind of a rayman knock-off) and you accidentaly spill some magical juice or something onto earth and make everything high or something. I dunno thats parts not explained very well :) But there is crazy little vegetables running around trying to kill you.
The story may be a bit lacking but the game is so much fun after it gets going. The many different powerups you can get are great, Thouhg combat may be a little lacking. First, you find this popcorn machine, and when you get popcorn out of it, Ed gets massive and huge beefy bodybuilder type and a cheesy voice exlaims "Super ED!" nad you can whack stuff and bend bars. Then you get a stick that you can use to hit stuff and activate switches. You can later upgrade it to to shoot darts to hit switches and enemies, and to allow you to hop on it like a pogo stick to break floors and cross harmful terrain (laval, thorns, etc)
Theres an ability that lets you transfomr on certain pads into the object or creature depicted on that pad, and my favorite, you can eventually use Eds polka-dotted fly. Its wicked. And you can shoot while flying. Oh, and you can get a fishbowl you put on your head to let you dive underwater.
As I said before its a VERY strange game. You have to play it. Its kinda hard to describe. But I have beaten it so many times and i never get tired of it. with the exception of a few clunky areas, its a great game. There are however a few drawbacks. Camera angles are uncooperative, making it hard to do jumps in some areas. Portal entering animation is quite funny the first few times but gets annoying after a while (it sucks him in piece by piece, and he falls out in a big jumble), and the characters are a bit shallow.
Overall, I geuss some people wouldnt liike it , but if you see it , its definitly worth trying if you're into platformers. This game is just fun to play and the further you go the more fun it gets. (especially once you can fly)