Tomba review

User Rating: 10 | Tombi! PS
ahh what can i say about this classic,this game is pure is a great idea,the quests go along smoothly,its got nice whimsical music and very nice colors,i would suggest this for any playstation fanboy.the game has great mechanics and the 2d/3d graphics really fit well with each other.the only problem i have, is the cheap deaths and the lack of saving whenever,its really inconvienent to have to find a signpost to save. Nice amount of quests will keep the gamer a nice 20-25 hrs of work not to mention the side quests and the search for the hidden village.All in all its an instant gem for those who can get their hands on it.this is among the classic playstation titles such as spyro the dragon and crash bandicoot that has earned my respect. the rarity of this game however is high,i do have a copy of this game i am willing to sell it,just disc,dont have original case or manual,message me if you are interested