One of my Favourite Games of all Time, Seriously Loving the Pink Hair!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tombi! PS
I first come across this game at my friends house, she had tombi on a demo (which was classic in my childhood, it had tekken 3 spyro and bust-a-groove on it!!!) and we were only 7 so pronounced his name wrong (the first four letters we pronounced as tomb :P) so spelt phonetically, i spent the first few months of playing the demo calling him toomy.

when i was finally corrected i went on to spend many happy years replaying the same parts of the demo over and over again.

my friend then moved house leaving me tombiless and i had to try and get along without him, i really counldn't cope so i went out to buy it but only found tombi 2 (which was brilliant by the way :)) it was another few months before i found tombi on a car boot sale for £9 (i know bargain!!!)

so lets get to the game, what a classic!! it's such a bizarre combination of a platform adventure game with an RPG although i never did understand the point of the levels tombi gained and i only noticed a level up when i saved.
But saying that, it is a really good combination which i have never seen again (apart from tombi 2 obviously).

The story in this game is really strange as well, evil pigs want gold so steal tombis' bracelet and tombi needs to go get it back, but why pigs??? it doesn't seem obvious and seems like a silly idea but it really works because it's so original and so surreal.

The game will probably be best known for the graphics which have been described as 2.5D due to being able to leap into the background and the foreground but the actual character design being 2D which provides an original way of playing a game.

The missions are nice to complete and provide the development of the main plot and the creation of sub-plots which are nice to complete as well although some of the missions in the game are hard to complete such as the motor-cross event.

The battles against the evil pigs are highlights of the game, it is enjoyable to search the worlds for the gates to the evil pigs hide outs.

This game has to have some of the best music i have ever heard in any game, I just have memories now of sitting with a friend in physics singing the tune from the village from the beginning of the game. The song from the opening film in the game is incredibly catchy as well (and yes i have been known to start singing that too :P).

This game definitely has hours of game play and oodles of re-playability (hence why my time spent playing is 40 to 100 hours)

If you've taken the time to read this review (yes i know it's pretty long) you must either really like this game or considering buying it and my advice is BUY IT!!!!! it's seriously is really one of the properly best games i have ever played in my whole entire life and i have played it so many times, it really is an engaging game that deserved well more sales than it received! LOVE IT! :):):):)