This is not a tombraider game

User Rating: 2 | Tomb Raider (Survival Edition) X360
Let me start of by sayinh this is not a tombraider game It may have tombraider in the title but nothing about this game remis me of a good old tombraider game Because this isnt tombraider but uncharted 5 or 6 With a female protoganist that doesnt look or sound anything like Lars croft She might be better of be called rosita or dorothy or Sudan or something She could be drake youngee sister for that matter Nothing about this game remis me of a tombraider game The leve design is quite boring and uninteresting The levels are too doesnt feel like u discover New area but the same area over and over again sick enig What did I say leves? ? It doesnt feel like leves at all but just a million miles forest Online doesnt being in a tr game.its stupid and boring This is just an uncharted rip of game Game is quite hard.boring and repetstive And just boring The characters dorothy meets in this game are uninteresting and very very very very extremly poor ly made and extremly uninteresting and very bad The puzzles are very boring and very bad No exitments what sover THE whole game is extremt repetstive Short ing dudesis not exiting and poor ly made.too much short ing a million dudesis. That many doodes simple dont existere. in real life This game is all about short ung too much dudesis. Previous tom raider games Werner so much about short ing dudesis IS gamespot crazy giving this such a high score.gamespot must be on drug Stay away from this game everybody Boring game not worry your time and money And oh yea this is not a tombraider game at all But uncharted with suck online Mode Gl cheers