worth purchasing? Or should I rent.

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I am pretty much really interested in playing this game. I was wondering if anyone knows how long the game is? Also, is the mutiplayer any good?

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If youre not strapped for cash, buy it. Its a masterpeice of a game to own. Will take at most 15 hours to 100% probably. Story should take you 10-12 hours. Multiplayer is executed very poorly. THey have some cool multiplayer elements but overall its a throwaway.

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I think it may be a rent for me. I like to think I enjoy owning games until I finish them and want to trade it for something else. I'm not one for replaying games.

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If you only play games once, rent it. The MP is mediocre. I bought it on Day 1 and I already beat it on Hard, including the little tombs. 

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buy then resell?

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Great game, totally worth playing... would rent before buying. After playing for 10 hours im glad i didn't pay 60$.

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if anyone wants to watch this game in action you can watch here http://www.twitch.tv/hiddenreach#
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Mulitplayer is terrible... at best.

You should only buy games with fantastic replay value, or in my case because eBaying a week old used game is cheaper than local renting.

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This is one of THEE best games to come out in this console generation, imo. It's top notch all around. I'm not counting the garbage multiplayer either. Tomb Raider is a single player game imo. When games are made with the utmost quality and fun gameplay, I support the developer by buying their game. If games are good, you should buy them so the publisher sees that this type of game is what gamers want. And not just Tomb Raider, this applies to all games.

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I rented it, totally enjoyed it, but almost 100% the game in 3 days.

I'd say it's not worth buying, but it's one hell of a golden rental ! Top notch quality.

Just not much replay value.

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I'd say buy it if you can.  The reviews are true that the supporting cast is, well kind of awful. 

You get the wise old man/father figure, who actually is kind of cool, the generic angry black woman who you will hate with every stupid remark, the one-with-the-world islander (they never specify why he's from) that is like the tough looking guy who is really a kind soul, the tv star who only cares about money, and so on goes the list.

They really show their weakness when the game wants you to care about them, but you just don't and you wonder why Lara does.

Other than that, it is one of the best games I've played in a while.  The island looks great and feels surprisingly organic.  Lara has a nice progression throughout the game, and there are a good amount of moments that will have you really feeling for Lara and what she has to go through.  Sadly, some of these moments lose their impact when the game turns back into a game and you have to shoot down a ton of enemies, but you get used to that quickly. 

I think the game is around 13 hours or so, and it really flew by. 

Just know, while the singleplayer is very fun, the multiplayer isn't really fun, and has a lot of lag from what I've played.  The only bad part about that is there are a good amount of online only trophies.

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Why buy it ... it's a great game. Yes, but costs $60+ in Canada. I'd rather rent it for $7 and keep it as long as I want to, then simply return it and get another. Have a look at MyChoiceVideo.com if you're in Canada, It's an online rental service. With most rental stores gone, this is affordable at $7/month and convenient. I still don't have much to complain about, with the Early Return feature not much of a wait either.