Will this game feature a multiplayer gamemode?

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If this game doesn't have multiplayer, then I probably won't get it the day it releases. I usually prefer single player games, but I don't want to stop playing after I beat it. I want something more to do. So does anyopne know if it'll have online play?

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Very much doubt it will have multiplayer, I'd also like it for replay value.

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I believe they WILL have MP.
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Ohh for the love of something I hope it doesn't... not every game needs a tacked on MP that will die down in less then a month.

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They confirmed a head-to-head mode. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/03/tomb-raider-multiplayer-details
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YES, there will be a multiplayer mode, They just announced it today, January 8th 2013, in a video. IT LOOKS REALLY COOL . Go on the official tomb raider site to see it :)

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Fuuuuuuuuu***, they ruin so many single player games with multiplayer. for ONCEE, I just want a single player game. Far Cry 3, which is still awesome, could have been AMAZING with no (screwy) multiplayer. Ugggghhhh... LEARN SOMETHING DEVS!
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I agree with you Baroni88. I dont want a multiplayer for this game. That seems unnecessary