Tomb Raider Vs. Dishonored

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I've heard good and bad reviews on both games but I still can't seem to choose between the two. Could you guys help me out? Reviews on each game (short or long) would be awesome.
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Not any help. I've been reading the reviews all day myself. I have PS Plus and 3 bucks on my account. Figure i'll get a 20 card. I can't decide which i want either. I'm swaying towards Tomb Raider because I love the Uncharted games and Far cry 3 and I get a sense this is a lot like those. I don't care much for Multiplayer.  So it's really which one has the best Single player experience for me.

I thought about starting a post like this myself, but since you posted on the Tomb Raider forums, you'll get a biased choice towards that (I suspect). Which was my dilemma to where to best post this question.

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Ironically, these are the two games I currently have from Gamefly. Unfortunately, Tomb Raider is the only one I've played so far. I love it. I am on my second play through, and have decided to be more thorough on this run. I'm guessing that it took roughly twenty hours to complete the first run, and should be slightly more on the second one. If you haven't watched Conan O'Brien's review of Tomb Raider, do so. It is quite comical, yet also captures the game well.
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Its funny Im probably the perfect person to ask this since I JUST platinumed both games the last few days playing them back to back lol.

Short answer, both are good, I enjoyed Tomb Raider a little bit more.

Story: Both are amazing, Dishonered has the slight edge here.

Graphics: Tomb Raider is graphically one of the best games on PS3, Dishonered was actually below average in the graphics department.

Gameplay: Tomb Raider is mostly Linear, with a few places to explore and backtrack later on to get collectables. Dishonered has about 10 levels which are open world, and have alot of different ways to complete each level. Dishonered is very short but levels are replayable in different ways. Dishonered is very stealth heavy, while tomb raider is more action with more types of weapons and shooting. Dishonered is pretty much mostly sneaking up on people and stabbing them with the same knife, through the WHOLE game.

Sound: Tomb Raider soundtrack is amazing, and Laras pistols sound awesome. Dishonered has this heart item you use often and its sound is really annoying.

Tomb Raider 9.5/10

Dishonered 8.5/10

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Great comparison!!  I too have been torn between these two games and based on your review I just bought Tomb Raider through Steam's Summer Sale!



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o prefer tomb raider heux