Stuck at 99%

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Hey guys and Gals I've got a problem and I needs some help I beat this game months ago but I never got 100% competition on it. So I've come back to wrap things up only I don't known what I'm missing everything says 100% Weapons, Tombs, ops caches, documents everything so I'm wondering if theres something you noticed thats tripping up lots of people that may be what I've missed any help would be great ...... by the way I love love love the bow !

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*****UPDATE***** After getting plenty of views here but NO replies I posted my question on another Tomb Raider forum where I must say I got quite a few people very quickly coming to give me suggestions to help. I tried them out and was able to find what I had missed in the Cliffside Bunker Previous Inhabitants. Having completed this I got my trophy for Inconceivable.

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@Snapdragon1: Thank you!!! i was in exact same boat. Cheers man

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@hailo21: NO PROBLEM Dude ! Glad I could help ! As a female Gamer I'm certainly going to miss LARA and her adventures. She was the only female protagonist I had to play. I'm very disappointed in Microsoft and Square over the Tomb Raider Deal ! I known people say it's TIMED but that doesn't mean its EVER coming to PS. I don't expect it to for at least five years s thats what happened last time Microsoft published a game i.e.: Mass Effect ! I t think it will come to PC in One Year though.

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i'm toooo