Shopalholic Trophy Boosting

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Hello All:

I am trying to obtain the platinum trophy for this game and the only trophy I need is the Shopaholic trophy. In order to get it, you have to prestige (hit level 60 then restart) three time and then make it all the way to level 58 on the third prestige to unlock all weapons. In my opinion, that is insane for a bronze trophy.

So, I was hoping anyone out there would want to help me boost XP for the trophy. Here is how it would work. We play a private match of Rescue for 20 minutes with 20 medical retrievals, 100 kills. Good guy carries medkit to goal, bad guy then kill good guy, good guy respawns and kills bad guy before getting next medkit. Keep repeating that until round ends and teams switch. My buddy and I did it. I was averaging over 40,000 XP as good guy per round and 25,000 XP as bad guy per round. You definitely get alot more XP as good guy since the medkits with a long carry go for 1,250 XP each time. You can also farm the XP yourself by playing rounds solo, but it gets incredibly boring and you only average around 30,000 XP as good guy and 625 XP as bad guy since there is no one to kill.

So, if you are interested, please send me a friend request and list in the comments about finding this on gamespot. I look forward to playing with or against you.

Your fellow gamer,

Dandi - PSN: theluh

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I also am trying to get a platinum trophy for this game and looking for someone to boost some xp with

psn name:  Daybreak84

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  I added you as friend.  My playing time varies every day due to my crazy work schedule.  I will definitely look for you and help you with other trophies if needed.


Dandi - PSN: theluh

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i also want to get some of the multiplayer trophies out of the way. My PSN name is Peanut10893
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got platinum ... finaly i can rest ...

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i'm currently at Prestige 1, Level 58, i'm so tired of boosting for this Shopholic trophy, that I'm just going to wait for that elusive patch to make the General free, so i'm hoping Eidos is good on their word, and makes the General free on their next patch (which i hope is soon)

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Is it possible to get all the multiplayer trophies in a private sessions or do you need to play in public sessions.Besides the trophies where you have to play the rank mmatches and all the modes