Lara Croft - The Tombinator!

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I've an extensive backlog of games (like I'm sure most avid gamers do) and I just finally got to playing this game.

It's sub par for a Tomb Raider.

  • Puzzles - lacking or almost non-existent
  • Story - cliche and overly simple
  • Combat - too easy. when you can stand there almost in the open and shoot full powered bow shot after full powered bow shot and not have to worry about hiding from enemies shooting you......too easy
  • Voice acting - probably one of the better things this game has going for it. It was decent.
  • Antagonist - The bad guy (if you don't read up on the hidden books/parchments in the game for background info) isn't really fleshed out. He seems like some rambling fool that doesn't really hold any presence on the screen
  • Protagonist - Lara, she's like a goddamn Terminator in this game. Fall from a parachute through trees - No problem! Gets up and keeps going. Fall through a floor and tumble down and down some chute or through a river's rapids - No problem! You can whip out that shotgun magically to shoot barricades as you slide down a hill or careen down a river and you walk away. Fall hard through an old ass plane hanging from a cliff - No problem! You escape and walk away like it didn't happen. Get punched in the face from a bad guy during a cutscene - you done get knocked the FUÇK OUT!
  • Tombs - what tombs? The pathetic "hidden tombs" you come across in the game. I went through 3 of them. I spent more time looking around the shit holes of the tombs trying to figure out what exactly I missed because spending about 180 seconds to complete the 1 puzzle each tomb had left me thinking there was more and I was just not seeing it.

Anyway. The game is okay. It gets dull because it's so simple. Lara Croft is like the cross between the Terminator (falls from great heights and gets beat to hell, but keeps on going - you can't break her bones apparently), John Wick (gun down people like you're the fucking Baba Yaga himself) and Rambo (stealth kill and shoot that bow to make shit blow up).

I don't know where I got Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it's in my Steam collection. If the first game is any indication of what to expect from the second one, I may never get around to playing it.

The game wasn't horrible, it just wasn't Tomb Raider. It should have been called "Super Athletic Chick Survival Island". The first half was entertaining enough to get me invested in the game enough to actually finish it. If you were a fan of Uncharted games, this one is right up your alley.