Huge bug in the chasm monastery level, anyone else experiencing it?

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#1 Iordanis1278
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There is a point in the chasm monastery level in the rescue Sam from Mathias mission where a major bug occurs.

There is a point in which you fight an army of samurai warriors where after killing them all there is the last fortress with a door with a rope

that is tight around it. 

The problem is that this door is supposed to be brought down by the rope in your bow, only it doesn't because there is wood around the rope

which blocks it and you just can't get through it. I have seen walkthroughs around the net and it is right before the point

where a giant oni or samurai warrior reveals itself to you. I have heard complaints about this bug all over the net

and it totally sucks because the game is great and because it occurs very close to the game's end. Eidos-crystal dynamics should

through a patch for this bug because it destroys the whole experience, this is unacceptable and infuriating.