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Hey, My name is Greig I am 20 and from Aberdeen, Scotland Here is the link to my channel! - https://www.youtube.com/user/HairyHaggisGaming?feature=mhee Lara Croft... Because Bewbs! Let's Play Series - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUARoqvz3ug&list=PLCDK3pdIPpEPqR96gwfbdw3x0k8EmrgW_&index=1 First and foremost i'd just like to say that this is most definetly not a forum post of me begging for subs or Sub4sub / Video views all i would like from this post is to get some feedback from the gaming community on some of my videos if you find them informative / funny or if your offended by them. Okay! I'll do a little run through of things i know i could improve on my channel My channel art is fairly new did it not so long ago any feedback on it would be much appreciated. My editing skills are not the greatest aswell as at the time of recording most of my videos i had a cheap microphone so the sound quality is most definetly not there. I did as much editing as possible to improve the sound quality but as they say you can't polish a turd. I do not have customized thumbnails as of yet most likely due to my channel being so new i assume but once i get that i will have rather bold and catchy thumbnails! For anyone who is easily offended by Swearing/Bad language my videos are probably not for you I am scottish and my friend who is in the vast majority of my videos is irish so swearing is near enough a second language to us Any feedback would be amazing or even comments in certain videos would be good. If you do have any bad comments about my channel id rather be kept here and not have my channel slandered for everyone to see! Also! My channel has only been up for just over two weeks and i've only been making videos during that timeframe. Kind Regards, Greig