Game breaking glitch Survivor Camp

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Has anyone else experienced this were the anchor has already fallen and there is no piece to pick up? I like exploring new places before I continue with the missions but this f*cked me up here. I really do not want to start all over as I got alot of collectables and secret tombs done. Do you think they will somehow patch this?
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My game is broken at 33% whats yours?
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76% I think. Sucks to be me.
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I have the same problem !!!

what did you do to overcome this bug ??

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I think my game has glitched. I've been ransacked off all my gear, left with only a bow. I'm stuck on a bit that needs a rop arrow but the only choices i have are silent/fire arrows and no rope. I've back tracked as much as i can to see if i was supposed to pick it up somewhere. I've check in the walkthrough since i had all ym gear taken off me but i can't find it there either. I can't do any more of the game unless i have a rope arrow to open a door..... Grr! Anyone had this?