DAT ASS... Oh sorry, I thought she was real.

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'Sup people. What do you think of the game? I mean apart from the beautifully designed and created a..... never mind. But anyway! I'm currently doing a playthrough on my YouTube channel of this game, it's not boring nor recorded in bad quality, infact it's 720-1080p. Before you make your mind up about leaving this post or clicking the link, I would really like if you checked out our channel overall. We're not 12 and begging for attention, we're proffesional gamers looking for an audience! Without further adieu, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGQCVifpg8w&list=PL9g4VmcwyM0CkLUZR-L7HtBCpxHggxRk_ Maxim, From DontGetAwkward