Block And Tackle - Game Breaking Glitch

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All was going well until I apparently went to an area I wasn't suppose to goto until after I had recovered the Block & Tackle from the Gannon. When you first arrive in this area your goal is on the ship located from the center of the map in the back on the right side of the map. I went and explored the left side first, doing this permanently breaks the game for good with no fix! Quitting, reloading, restarting, fast traveling, dying will not fix this glitch believe me I tried everything. After my exploring I returned to the right side to retrieve the Block & Tackle well guess what it's no where to be found! Watching a walk through there is a mass / sail that falls down when you shoot the hanging anchor. Thus producing the Block & Tackle you use to upgrade your bow. Well this was already knocked down and not by me and there were no enemies to fight either. The reaming survivors make comments about using your new bow you don't have because you need the Block & Tackle to create it. WIth out it you can not progress any further in the game. I'm afraid I'm screwed here and will have to completly start all over from the beginning. SO DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL BREAK THE GAME!!! 8( 3DK
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Well......that explains everything then!!! That really sucks! But thanks for the info, guess I'll have to restart....:(