Lara Croft Underworld will get fans screaming for more

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider: Underworld PS3
Anyone who has played the Lara Croft series will see this game as the ultimate dream. With all new improved skills, weapons and character movement things were set to take players by storm.

When this game hut stores there was no mistaking that fans knew what to expect. This game certainly delivered this though, as it was amazing. The moment the game appeared on screen you could just feel the diffrence settle on you. There was no more rubbish controls where Lara jumps opposite from where you wanted her to, or awkward camera angles. No. This game presented brand new controls that felt more to life. With the all new ability to hang and shoot this also gave the game that little push of life.

Fans who have longed for this game will certainly be in for a treat and there is no mistaking that since is the last game, there will be no more need for any improvements.