A great game that seems the return of the gaming icon Lara Croft in another great adventure.

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider: Legend PS2
Tomb Raider Legend is a great game with a fair amount to offer. It is a well done game, with a good story to keep you going, fun environments to play around in and some pretty fun combat.

The story follows Lara Croft as she is searching for pieces of the lost artifact Excalibur (The sword of King Arthur for those who aren't familiar with the myth). It delves into her past and reveals the tragedy in her life that has affected and haunted her to that day. The search for Excalibur also gives way to her to find a way to find her lost mother. The developers have also made an interesting decision to make connections between different myths and then finding that one conjoining factor to connect them all together.

The game play is very fun and well done with little if any glitches. The game looks polished and refined and has evidently had care taken in its production. The game play also offers some new elements to the game play that add an interesting touch to it. The puzzles are fun to try and figure out and aren't too challenging. The combat is fun and there are some pretty interesting options on how to tackle enemies (i.e. shooting the support for a chandelier, or using them as a spring board and shooting them in slow motion) The bike chases are fun and offer a great experience as you chase down the objective whilst fighting of the pursuing mercenaries.

Overall the game is very fun and a good experience for those who either have enjoyed former Tomb Raider games or are interested in trying them.