Tomb Raider Legend is definitely a good reboot but not for the fans of the original trilogy.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tomb Raider: Legend PC
The game from the start has very good graphics. But for me graphics don't make the game because I can still play the first that got out ten years ago and have fun with these old graphics. But let's look the game as a whole. Tomb Raider Legend has some good graphics and a nice voice acting which keeps up with the quality from other games of Tomb Raider. The story doesn't tell you much and for me even the story of Angel of Darkness was way better and interesting. The only thing interesting in the story is the look for her mother but you can say from the story that there is nothing more. The gameplay is pretty good and Lara has many of abilities to do that looks awesome. The new addition of adrenaline moment although it removes much of the realism from the game it helps to do some awesome stunts here and there despite the feeling that you don't help at all. The characters that come up throughout the game are detailed and have a part but the sad thing is that the company has created few characters for the game but it had take all the characters from the first game. Summing up, TR Legend is a fine reboot for TR. Especially for new comers to the series because it contains good action and gameplay, amazing graphics and good environments. For the old fans TR Legend will be not a disappoint because of the good environments and the return of old characters but for the lack of story, the easy walkthrough and the sort length of the game without ridles that was the stars at previous games.