A great game but it hardly has a multiplayer at all.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tomb Raider: Legend DS
Character in game graphics - 7/10

Cinematics graphics - 9/10

Backgrounds in game graphics - 9/10

Multiplayer - 1/10

Difficulty - 6/10

Fun - 8/10

Action - 80%

Puzzle - 20%

Legend is an awesome game with alot of action and some puzzle, as indicated by the percentages above which give you the general idea of how much action and puzzle there is in the game. The graphics are very good, especially in the cinematics which help you to understand the story-line. The extras option on the menu gives you access to unlockable content like mini-games, cheats and screenshots but before they are vueable you will have to buy them with artifacts you collect through the game. Multiplayer, you could hardly call multiplayer, in it you only campare time trial scores.

Legend is a fairly difficult and fun game which I would reccomend to any Tomb Raider fan.