hits and misses

User Rating: 7 | Tomb Raider: Legend PS2
Tomb raider legends is quite an enjoyable game but not without some frustrating elements.

I had a real issue with the hit detection/targeting in the game, it seems most deaths you die from jumps. That doesn't really make a game fun but more frustrating. Like i'd often jump from a cliff to a rope which I thought was close enough but you'd jump through it some times and lara wouldn't grab it and you'd die.

I realize the tomb raiders series are linear, this is a 6 year old game so I don't have unrealistic expectations. But for example you can scale a cliff face but a measly 7 foot high gate that even I could climb over is an obstacle to lara merely because the devs. don't want you going that particular way. That kind of led to me spending ages sometimes figuring out where to go.

The game is shortish, sub 10 hours but there's reasonable replay value if you like to collect every hidden item and unlock all her costumes and complete the time trials. The story has been criticized but I never come into a game with expectations so for me it was enjoyable enough.

When you're not performing jumping puzzles then there is an assortment of bad guys to shoot. But it isn't hard, just dodge jump while shooting. They are also very generous with health kits so you aren't going to be finding any of the combat to hard to get through

Voice work is spot on, lara sounds as charming/seductive/witty as ever.

Music is superb and fitting to the location, I believe it won an award of some type.

Graphics still hold up well for their age, and lara is very fluid in her animations.

I still think Legend is a good addition to the tomb raider series. I only rated it lower because of what I felt was some faults in the targeting/camera system that lead to alot of unnecessary deaths making me replay alot of sections.