Played through this game once and loved it. This is the first Tomb Raider game that was as fun as the original one.

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider: Legend X360
I really loved this game because it brought back memories of the first Tomb Raider game. I still have the first game for the PC Windows 95/98 version and the Playstation1 game. I really thought the other sequels weren't that great. Except for TR 4 The Last Revelation, the sequels just did not get the sense of adventuring and exploring that the first one did. "Last Revelation" was average but still a little fun because of the exploring elements. The other games tried to be a Bond/Sam Fisher/ Solid Snake rip off adventure with the 1st Tomb Raider's game mechanics. Tomb Raider 3 was just too frustrating and is tied with Angel of Darkness as the worst. With Legends, the game play was completely revamped and the total game experience was just way better. I own the Xbox 360 version and it was just as amazing and fun to play as the original one was on the Playstation1. The emphasis was placed back on the exploring and the puzzle solving. This was a great adventure game and made me a Laura Croft fan once again. I only hope Eidos doesn't f**k up the sequel.