This game is solid but it lacks in lenght

User Rating: 8.5 | Tomb Raider: Legend PC
In this episode Lara looks hotter and more mature but she acts like a child to find out what happened with her mother and her friends and stuff like this.The story is well told and it will suck you in from the beginning until the end.The most of the game is based on puzzles which at the first look they look weird and hard to figure they out but after you get past from the first puzzles they'll be piece of cake.You'll have often to fight with dozen of enemies which by the way are very easy even on the hard mode(except maybe the bosses which are pretty tough) and find ancient relics.In addition to the gameplay there are some sequences when you have to press one of this keys:A,S,D,W to avoid death and also are some driving sequences that are entertaining and mad.And extra you can pay a visit to "Croft Manor' where you can train yourself and collect rewards which you can use to gain extra stuff like the outfits,bios\concepts,cutscenes and more...
The graphics are great and is obviously that the developers pay a huge attention to details even despite of some unfinished textures.The sound is good and the voice acting proves it and also the surrounding are realistic like when you are on a building there will be sounds of the cars and when you're in jungle you'll hear birds.Also Lara have a black sense of humor and smiles in front of danger.
The sound is great,the graphics are great,the story is great,the gameplay is great but a review is not perfect you know that...and now comes the great dissapointment the lenght of the game like you done 3 missions and you see game completion 33%...already.Overall TR:Legend is worth playing and it have a big replay value so don't waste the time and get this game!