Fun platformer with nice graphics, but confusing story.

User Rating: 8 | Tomb Raider: Legend X360
It took me a while to finish, but I'm a middle-aged gamer with slow reflexes. ;-)

I liked the platforming and puzzle-solving. The shooting was a bit more awkward, although the target-lock feature helped. The graphics were quite nice and the environments varied and interesting to look at. Once or twice I was totally stuck and had to look up online how to move forward. Most of the time, however, it was relatively easy to figure out what to do next. I found the boss battles annoyingly difficult as they rely heavily on split-second timing and accurate aiming, but it was very satisfying to finally beat them!

The story made almost no sense, but that was partly because I would go months between play sessions and couldn't remember what had happened. Also, I've read there's a backstory about a plane crash that supposedly takes place when the game opens (?), but I don't recall anything about that. Maybe it was just referred to in dialogue?

So it has some flaws, but it was still enjoyable game play. I'd buy another Lara Croft game on the strength of this one.