Crystal Dynamics first entry in the Tomb Raider series unearths a treasure that has been lost for far too long!

User Rating: 8 | Tomb Raider: Legend X360
Way back in the day, Tomb Raider was hailed as one of the best games on the PC. Over the years and after many sequels, the venerable Tomb Raider series decayed into a mess of bad stories and even worse gameplay. Then Crystal Dynamics stepped in and revitalized what was fun about the original Tomb Raider.

The game looks good, plays well, has an intriguing story, and does a better job at cinematic flair than the actual Tomb Raider movies. Lara's adventures takes her to many locations, both ancient and modern, including an interesting optional level of being able to explore Croft Manor. Environmental puzzles are the primary focus of the game, with some combat sprinkled throughout for some variety. Much like the original game.

Some of the environmental traps and combat sequences rely on the much maligned quick-time-sequences of pushing the correct button at the exact right time. But the sequences are not bad enough to take away from the overall enjoyment of the game. You'll find yourself enjoying the puzzles and exploration as you complete the adventure of finding out what happened to your mother when you were a child.

Crystal Dynamics has done well with this reboot of the Tomb Raider series. Once again, you can play as Lara Croft in a game that is worthy of your time.