Tomb Raider 3: The best of the tomb raiders?

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Is there anyone out there who would agree with me that Tomb Raider 3 is the best of all?

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Not only is this the best tomb raider, but this is one of the best games I have ever played on any platform in any genre.

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Die hard TR fan. My sister and I play religiously. This is the best one, also the hardest.
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I agree. Its amazing the amount of people who say that this is the worst of the first 3 tomb raiders. Levels like Jungle, Crash site, city, RX Tech Mines, Area 51, High Security Compound, Nevada, Meteorite Cavern, Aldywich and many more are the reason why its the best. Its by far the scariest and most difficult tomb raider. I argued with another tomb raider fan who said that TR3 was the worst and his arguments were: Too hard, too long and its the most unrealistic (aliens etc) of the first 3 tombraiders. These were terrible arguments as its the diffuculty and the length as well as other things that appeal to me and also it is far more realistic than TR1 and TR2. Why? because the Mythical Gods and dragons of TR1 and TR2 definitely do not exist. Whereas in TR3, element 115 was soon discovered after the game's release and also there is a 100% probability that there are alien life forms somewhere in the universe; therefore TR3 is by far the most realistic. I am a fan of the first 2 Tomb Raiders but I find it very difficult to come across people who would agree that Tomb Raider 3 is the best.